Marine 6.5L Add-on's and Upgrades

2337953 Glow Plug Timer Upgrade Kit Yes $154.67
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This new electronic glow plug timer upgrade kit that will make starting your marine engine easier.

This kit contains a new timer, solenoid, and manual override switch.  It includes all the wiring diagrams and instructions for installation.

Benefits –

  • Simple system – Less smoke and faster starts
  • Less Cost
  • Glow Plugs will not re-energize while underway
    (if old controller ground was interrupted, controller would reactivate and burn out the plugs)
  • Manual control for warm starts

Features –

  • Quick glow time
  • Adjustable time – Adjustable glow time.
  • 3 position switch

Cost of this unit is $154.67  (Plus Shipping) We also offer a less expensive truck version under the Truck category/Glow Plugs

R900 Racor 900 Electric Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit Yes $476.04
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Racor 900 fuel pump with water separator – shipped assembled on an aluminum mounting plate.


Benefits –

• Extend the life of your battery and starter by eliminating long cranking times to move fuel and air through the filter to the engine.
• Eliminates “cracking” injectors or fuel lines to vent air.
• Provides large capacity for separated water
• Larger filter with less cost compared to spin-on filters

Features –

• Racor-900 fuel pump
• 12 Volt priming and “backup” pump
• Brass tee’s with pre-formed hose
• Check valve prevents fuel from being returned to the tank while pumping
• Easy installation of fully assembled unit

Cost of this unit is $399.68 (Plus Shipping)