Military Engines

Information concerning HMMVEE Military Hummers and H1 civilian vehicles.

Peninsular has repowered many civilian H1 from the early H1 non turbo vehicles to the 1999 turbo vehicles.

The non-turbo version requires a body block to raise the body 1.5″ to 2″ for installing the turbo engine. Peninsular has developed a rear turbo 6.5 that will produce up wards of 300 hp for the performance required by some users.

The repower from the early non-turbo vehicle is extensive with a transmission change, drive line change and requires a close study for all the components to insure a well engineered vehicle. The Peninsular rear turbo engine is available with stainless headers, turbo, and stainless exhaust elbow for better heat control and turbocharger spool up. The engine water pump upgrade is the 126/gpm water pump with twin thermostats along with new idlers and pulleys for the serpentine belt drive.

4 thoughts on “Military Engines

  1. PenAdmin

    Jim – the 6.2l marine diesel engines have a smaller bore and a higher compression ratio than the 6.5l marine diesel engines. When we were producing the 6.2l marine diesels the max horsepower was 270. Depending on the engine set up you have (160, 220, 250 or 270hp) they only difference may be fuel delivery and the injection pump model that you have will determine if you are able deliver enough fuel to reach 270 hp.

  2. james linkenauger

    I have two of your diesels in my Albemarle 27. They are older 6.2 L but have been very reliable thus far. Bearings are perfect and no overheating problems. What would be involved in converting them to 300hp+ aftercooled engines? Can you provide the parts for conversion?



  3. Bert DeVries

    Rob –

    We agree with GM that running bio diesel fuel or any kind of refined vegetable oil will result in engine damage.
    Not something you want to do with a nice rig like that.


  4. Rob

    I own a 2006 Hummer H1 duramax/allison combo and want to convert it to
    run on bio diesel and veggie oil. Can this be done safely?
    I’ve been told the injectors are high pressure and have a problem with bio.


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