400NA-160 Horsepower
Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine

The 400NA rated at 160BHP is designed for those who take boating seriously. This cruising model delivers engine endurance for those who rely on their engines to perform. The 400NA has logged many successful hours of performance in motor yachts around the world and in your port of call.

400 NA 160 HP Graph

Model: 400NA-160
Engine Type: Four Cycle
Number of Cylinders: Eight
Bore and Stroke: 4.06″ x 3.82″
Displacement: 400cu.in. (6.554cc)
Fuel Pump: Stanadyne-Mechanical (DBA)
Brake Horsepower: 160BHP at 3600 rpm
Peak Torque: 247 ft. lbs. at 2700 rpm
Dimensions (approx.):Width: 29.4″
Height: 30.6″
Weight (dry): 1020 lbs.
Peninsular Engines Model 400NA-160

One thought on “400NA-160

  1. paul williams

    Would like to know if the 400na 160 will work in a 20ft Shamrock CC. I t has a 302 Ford INDMAR in it now,thanks, Paul. Also the price please.


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