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  1. PenAdmin

    Larry – GM stated using the dual thermostat when they started using the 130gpm water pumps in order to handle all the coolant flow. So yes I would recommended changing both at the same time. In your case with the electronic injection pump the stock outlet should work, in some cases the outlet has to be modified to a 90 degree or a 23 degree instead of the stock 45 degree.

  2. Larry

    Im not one to modify from stock, but as Im hauling trailers, Im thinking that the dual ts idea combined with your 130gpm pump will keep me out of possible cooling problems. ’95 chev C2500 ex cab. At. 4:10gears. The gears seem way high, 63mph@ 2500rpm. Im no hot driver. Diesel page member.

  3. jorge

    cant find a part number for this pump
    this pump would it fit perfectly on my 94 6.5 turbo diesel and push 130 gpm?


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