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Peninsular 6.5L Marine Diesel Engine Parts Manual PDF

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TO6500101 6.5L Vehicle Oil Pan
TO6500102 6.5L Crank Shaft Pulley
TO6500103 6.5L Fuel Filter Assembly

This product has sold out.

TO6500104 6.5L Automatic Trans Flywheel
TO6500105 6.5L Water Pump (Spin-on Fan)
TO6500107 6.5L Glow Plug Controller
TO6500108 6.5L Dual Thermostat Housing Assembly
TO6500109 6.5L Engine Speed Sensor

49 thoughts on “Parts Online

  1. PenAdmin

    Robero – yes we do offer marinizing kits for the 6.5L diesel engines, they are not available on the website you need to contact us directly for these kits.

  2. PenAdmin

    John – I do not know if any modifications need to be done but I can tell you that we do sell a lot of these elbows (2335033) to customers with 8.2 Detroit engines.

  3. John Kuzdrall

    I saw a comment where someone used 2335033 exhaust elbows on an 8.2 Detroit. How much are they and do you know this works?

  4. PenAdmin

    Andrew – our air to air charge cooler kit is designed to work with our performance turbo. It is mounted in place of the plastic front cover under the radiator, install time is around two hours.

  5. PenAdmin

    Bob – it sounds like you may have air bubbles in the fuel. Have you recently changed any of your fuel filters that may have not sealed back up? The easiest way to check for air bubbles is to get a 6″ piece of clear line, available at your local pet supply store (fish tank hose), and temporally replace the return fuel hose coming from the injection pump to the steel return line. Now when you start the engine, with the use of a flash light you should be able to see if there is air in the fuel. 90%+ of the time this surging, you are experiencing is cause by air bubble in the fuel supply.

  6. Bob Boutwell

    Thanks for the prompt reply on my previous question. I now have a different problem. The engine starts with just a key bump but after a few minutes, it begins to surge a couple of hundred RPM. I really can’t tell due to needle bounce whether it is going both up and down or just down in RPM. Any suggestions?

  7. Andrew Goscinsky

    I just recently saw the intercooler kit for the 6.5, is this ment to bolt up to the GMx series turbos? How is the install time? Is it front mount? Or by the skid plate?

  8. PenAdmin

    We have never know of one of our engines going into a shamrock boat, but we have had many people put our engines in 20ft ski boats with great results.

  9. michael

    did anybody put peninslar diesel in 20 feet shamrock boat?if yes how was performance?thank you

  10. PenAdmin

    Bob – The run stop solenoid is the female plug closest to the front of the engine on the top of the injection pump. The female plug on the side of the injection pump is for the cold advance solenoid.

  11. Bob Boutwell

    My Peninsular deisel started life as a 6.2 and subsequently the long block was replaced with a 6.5. The wiring diagram in the Manual is for a newer setup and I’m having problems identifying the routing. For instance, the manual lists the fuel shut-off valve as part of the injector pum assembly but does not show it in the picture. I have two male bayonet plugs in that vicinity, but can’t figure which is which. Can you help?


  12. PenAdmin

    RJ – we offer a gasket set for the aftercooler, once it is apart you can run a wooden dowel thru the tubes to clean them out.

  13. Randy K.

    Is there any word about the upgraded 6.2 water pump?

    Looking to build a motor up and don’t like to skimp on something like cooling.

  14. RJ Parsons

    I own a 1997 Albin with a 6.5L Penisular diesel. When I advance the throttle above 2200RPM, black smoke exhausts and there is no corresponding increase in RPMs. A mechanic a few hours away had me check the hoses to the aftercooler. All were OK. He thinks I need to clean the aftercooler. Can you share a procedure to do this?

  15. PenAdmin

    Philip – The dual thermostat housing will work on the 6.2L, but it requires a modified throttle bracket and thermostat outlet. We offer the thermostat outlet in a 90, 45 and 22 degree angle, you will need to look at your set up and determine which outlet you will need.

  16. Philip Gaudreau

    I have a 1987 V30 Chevy with a 6.2L do you have a thermostat housing or will the dual 6.5L thermostat housing fit?

  17. PenAdmin

    Jorge – We do not use the “DB4″ pump they require a test stand to set up and are still hard to get set correctly. What we use is a “DB2″ pump, which with the correct set up (pistons, turbo, etc) you can get to 280 – 300 horsepower depending on what we set the pumps fuel delivery to. This “DB2″ pump is the same one that is used on our marine engines.

  18. Jorge Z.

    Where are “db4″ pumps that i keep hearing about? I can’t seem to find them on your site.


  19. PenAdmin

    Gary – the high compression auto/truck engines will not hold up in the marine application, I have seen them fail within one year of service. If you are going to use this type of engine you will need to change the pistons to the low compression version.

  20. Gary Wells

    This is the only site that I have found for marine exhaust for the 6.5 I’m thinking of installing one in a 20ft. jet boat. About what would it cost for the marine kit to change from auto to marine?? Would the higher compression of the auto type be ok to use?

  21. PenAdmin

    Dear Sir, all we would need is a picture of the thermostat manifold to determine with thermostat it requires. You should be able to get these from our dealer in Greece, Makis at G V Watersports here is their phone number 30-210-9657-110.

  22. dimitris koupetoris

    Dear Sir, I have two parts of SD 400TA marine power diesel engines without thermostats (to have removed the previous owner) and I want to tell me what I use for the proper functioning of machines. If it is above the thermostat you have on this page you can buy them from your dealer in GREECE? they are (thermostats) readily available? Thank you very much

  23. PenAdmin

    Dale, Yes we do have a upgraded 6.2L water pump with increased flow, 109 gpm. However at this time we do not have any, the company that was producing them for us was sold and the new owners no longer want to produce any specialty pumps. So we are currently working with a foundry to get the our impeller cast and hope to have the pump back in production in about 6 to 8 weeks.


  24. Dale Hughes

    i read that you guys do a upgraded waterpump for the 6.2l diesel engine i could not find it anywhere on your website do you do one or not

  25. ZIM


  26. Bert DeVries

    While this is true (and we support biodiesel where it will work), using biodiesel or any other refined vegetable oil in the DuraMax will result in engine damage.

  27. Bert DeVries

    Glad it worked out for you Capt Ray! Have you checked out our Racor 900 fuel filter setup with the water separator?

  28. Ray Peyreferry

    I purchased the Exhaust Elbow – 90 deg. 5″ cuff (Shortened and it fir on my 8.2 Detroit fuel pincher perfectly. I had to purchase a longer 5″ rubber hose but much better than having one made for 2000 dollars.

  29. Michael Eyberg

    I own a 1986 Chevy military 1008. The glow plug controller is junk and I am trying to convert it to a 1992 civilian type of controller. Any info would be appreciated. Otherwise I would like to purchase your products and install a stand alone system. Thank You.

  30. Bert DeVries

    Bob –

    We’ve never done a project that involved a diesel V6. I’m not sure where you saw it, but it wasn’t us.

    Thanks for the inquiry though.


  31. Robert A Boutwell

    About a year ago or more I remember seeing a writeup in one of the more popular marine magazines about a new engine you were introducing. At least I’m pretty sure it was Peninsula Diesel. The engine was a V6. Was this just a prototype? Did I dream the whole thing? I have not seen anything else about it anywhere, including here.


  32. Bert

    Erwan –

    Does your Shetland have a Peninsular 6.2L? There were a few other manufacturers of 6.2L diesels – one was British, I think.

    If it does have a Peninsular 6.2L Diesel, we do indeed have parts for it. Send e-mail to with a list of parts you need.

    Thank you.


  33. Erwan

    i am french owner of a shetland 23 motorized with a 6.2L model.
    Do you have parts for this model?

  34. Matt

    Berge –

    You can drill and tap most anywhere on the intake to reposition your electronics.


  35. Børge Knudsen

    Hi, if i install the air intake adapter
    on my 6,5td suburban, where do you recommend i place the sensors.



  36. PenAdmin


    We have high output water pumps for the serpentine pulley set up with the bolt on fan clutch and the spin on fan clutch.


  37. Jim Cairnes

    We were wondering if you sell a High output water pump for a serpentine pulley set up?

  38. Matt

    Craig –

    When replacing the filter elements, be sure to fill the new element 1/2 – 3/4 will fuel. When they are in place the fuel in the new element will create enough of a vacuum to pull from the fuel tank. The air in a new (unfilled) filter element will not create enough vacuum to pull fuel from the tank.


  39. Bert

    Thanks for your comment. The Parts-Online page is a constant work in progress. One of the things we hope to do in the near future is add search capabilities to the page so you can search for keywords. Since you brought this up, we’ll have a discussion about making these types of “assemblies” easier to order.

    In the meantime, you can call us at 616.530-1298 or send an e-mail to Mitch at and we’ll make every effort to get the parts you need in your hands.

    Thank you for the feedback. It only makes us more customer centered and helps us make a better web site.

  40. Robert A Boutwell

    Your new parts sidebar is much more informative than before. I’m unable to find the hoses, pipes, fittings, etc that make up the total raw water part of the cooling system, however. My engine came with the boat and it appears that there is a lot of extra hose between the coolers/exchanger. I would really like to neaten up the installation if possible. I don’t have an overheating problem. Actually it runs too cool if anything.

  41. PenAdmin

    Keith –

    Thanks for stopping by our website. I’m sorry that you feel you wasted your time. There is a post on the truck engine page from someone who was looking for similar information and our reply to the questions.

    You really don’t want to use a truck engine for a marine application. The truck engine is designed to be a vehicle engine. A vehicle engine is operated at varying throttle/rpm for city/highway use and a marine engine is operated mostly at a wide open throttle/rpm. The difference is in the pistons. The truck engine has 21:1 pistons and higher compression than a marine engine which has 18:1 pistons. If you convert a truck engine to a marine application you won’t get the horsepower you think you’ll have and you’ll have a problem keeping the engine running cool enough.

    We’ve received quiet a few calls from people who have marinized truck engines and have serious overheating problems. I hope you find this information useful.

  42. keith gladstone

    i am looking for information on conversion of truck engines for marine applications. i find your web site not to be very informative to the point of a wasted of time


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