The 160hp non-turbo replacement engine is still available for use in the H1 vehicles as a long block or as a long block with the fuel system, V-belt water pump, and other components.


2190 400NA engine outlined copyModel: H160NA
Engine Type: Four Cycle
Number of Cylinders: Eight
Bore and Stroke: 4.06″ x 3.82″
Displacement: 400cu.in. (6.554cc)
Fuel Pump: Stanadyne-Mechanical (DBA)
Brake Horsepower: 160BHP at 3600 rpm
Peak Torque: 289ft. lbs. at 2700 rpm
Dimensions (approx.):
Width: 29.4″
Height: 30.6″
Weight (dry): 1020 lbs.
Peninsular Engines Model H160NA

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  1. PenAdmin

    Joe –

    Thanks for your question. There are a number of variables involved in determining the cost to put this engine in your Hummer. It’s best to give us a call at 616.530.1298 or send an e-mail to Matt@PeninsularDiesel.com for more information.


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