Motor Home Engines

These are NEW 6.5L 2016 Optimizer engines with standard and turbocharged configurations.

  • New! Standard replacement 6.5L engines for Chevy 6.2L/6.5L powered class C motor homes
  • Turbo-charged 6.2L/6.5L for class C motor homes
  • GM-P30 Replacement Side Turbo EngineTREK LOGO OVAL PNG
  • GM-P30 for TREK (side and rear turbo engines)
  • Spartan Chasis (front, side, and New rear engine turbocharged)

The new P-400 Engine is available with:

  • Rear or side mounted turbocharger
  • Stainless steel headers
  • Special oil pans
  • Electronic injection pumps
  • 160 AMP alternators
  • 130 GPM water pumps

Peninsular has 4L-80E and 4L-85E Transmissions (Factory New)!

Forged steel crankshafts available!  MadeInUSA

Also available:

  • Performance low emission manifolds
  • Stainless steel headers
  • New injection pumps – Mechanical (1993-1994) and Electrical (1994-2001)

4 thoughts on “Motor Home Engines

  1. Matt


    Hp increase over stock 6.5 is 70 to 90 hp depending on calibration.
    The longevity increases due to more air in and reduced restriction less than 1″ Hg on the exhaust.
    Engine runs cooler due to cooler exhaust headers, cooler in the turbo and in the exhaust pipe.
    Air cleaner really needs to looked at for size and quite large pipe from air cleaner to turbo.
    CFM of the turbo is now like a DuraMax or Cummins up to 780CFM.



  2. Bob

    What is the hp increase over a stock 6.5? Does it reduce longevity of the engine?

    I have a Trek 33′ rear engine and the 190hp just hasn’t been adequate.

  3. PenAdmin

    Peninsular offers new (factory) 6.5 liter engines with a drop in package
    with power increase 250/ 300.

    The injection pump may have been modified with a chip or reprogrammed. If
    it has not been done the owner should check out the option.

    A new 6.5 liter base replacement engine is $6900 with a special price of
    $6500. The new engines have performance pre-cups. They have forged steel
    crankshafts, new oil pumps and oil pans, new cylinder heads, camshafts rods
    and performance pistons.

    Peninsular recomends the rear turbo location VS the (passenger) side turbo.
    The main reason is the breathing capability for more air in and exhaust exiting.
    We recommend the owner physically checking the passenger side turbo restricted

    We recomend upgrading the air cleaner for less restriction and smaller
    micron filtering.

    The installation will take 4 days minimum and maximum 6 days.
    The actual engine swap will take 24 to 28 hours or three days.


    Matt Koning

  4. Bill Carry

    I have a 1994 P-32 Chev. 6.5TD motorhome (Georgie Boy Swinger). I purchased it new in 1994. Now has 167000 miles. It has electronic IP.
    What would the cost be and how long would you need the motor home to replace the engine.

    We love the m/h and do not want to trade for a number of reasons.


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