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Peninsular stocks the 6.5 GM replacement engine with all new factory components. New heads, nodular iron crankshaft, camshaft, rods, and pistons.

We also have the upgraded and improved alloy block with the new forged steel crankshaft, pistons, rods, main bearings, high volume oil pump, oil pan, and valve covers. The timing gears and harmonic balancer complete this 2015 build.

Peninsular has the latest P-400 6.5 vehicle engine with forged steel crankshaft, factory girdle, and oil pan.

Not recommended for marine applications

Video from our customer in Poland!

Peninsular has “drop-in” replacement engines and components for trucks!


  • Fuel Systems
  • Turbochargers
  • Flywheels
  • Water Pumps (3 models available)
  • Starters and Alternators (12 and 24 Volt)
  • Exhaust Manifolds

31 thoughts on “Truck Engines

  1. PenAdmin

    Alan – the P400 should fit with the 4-6″ suspension lift without a problem.
    – Standard 6.5L oil pans will not fit the P400, the bottom of the girdle is flat. At this time there are a couple of companies working on an oil pan that will fit into trucks for the P400.
    – The cylinder heads used on the P400 are the same cylinder heads we us on our marine and performance engines.
    – All the accessories will bolt up to the P400 block. The only difference in the P400 and the standard 6.5l engine block is the girdle other wise they are exactly the same.
    – At this time we are servicing Canada from our location here in Michigan.

  2. Alan

    Will the P400 Fit in a 80’s K30 with a 4-6″ suspension lift? if not What is required to make it fit?

    Will Standard 6.5 Oil pans fit the P400 with the girdle? if not, does anyone offer P400 Oil pans?

    Do you have any 6.5 Diesel Superchargerer kits, or info on whom would?

    Are the Heads of the 6.5L P400 the same externally as original 6.5L heads?

    Will Standard GM 6.2 and 6.5 accessories fit the P400?

    Do you have any Distributors in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada?

  3. PenAdmin

    Eian – you will need to change out or add: the fuel system (injection pump, injection lines and injectors), turbo exhaust manifolds, exhaust crossover, turbo, upper and lower intake. As far as all your current brackets go, the bolt holes in the 6.5L engine blocks match up to the ones in the 6.2L engine blocks so they will all bolt right up. There is one difference that is the 97′ and newer 6.5L engine blocks use metric fasteners.

  4. Eian Magner

    Hello there. I have an older ’86 Chevy K30 (M1008 CUCV Model) in need of re-powering. I do a lot of heavy towing and would like to drop in a 300HP 6.5TD. What would it cost me for a 300HP long block, and what else would I need to complete the install?

  5. PenAdmin

    Brian – no, all of our 300 hp engines are low compression. We discovered in the mid 80’s with our marine engines that if you want the engine to survive for any length of time the compression had to be lowered. If you think about it it only makes since, if you lower the compression it is easier on all the internal engine components. So by lowering the compression and increasing the horsepower the engine firing pressures remain within the engines tolerances.
    As far as your 80’s Suburban goes why not use a mechanical injection pump? They are capable of delivering enough fuel to get to 300 hp with the correct turbo and air to air charge cooler set up. This will also make your install much easier because you will not have to deal with all the additional electronics required which are not already in your Suburban. If you are planing to use a 4L80 or as 4L85 there are standalone computer systems available which include the needed wiring harnesses to make them work. The only engine sender needed is a throttle position sensor, which mounts on the side of the injection pump using the existing mounting bosses.

  6. Brian P.

    Is the 300hp rating for the 21:1 compression pistons? I would like an estimate for the crate engine, fuel system; exhaust manifold/turbo. Do you offer an ECM for conversion into an 80’s Suburban?

  7. PenAdmin

    Danny -now that combination should preform fine. However the P400 does not come with a oil pan that will fit into a GM Truck or Suburban and will require modification or replacement with a custom made oil pan.

  8. Danny

    Would there be any problems combining a P400 longblock, a J code intake, a DB2 ip, and a Banks Sidewinder kit made for the old 6.2s? Not looking for crazy power, just durability and ease of installation into my old non-electronic squarebody Suburban.

  9. PenAdmin

    Norm – We no long have anything to do with the Detroit diesel engines, it has been about 15 years since we have worked with Detroit engines.

  10. PenAdmin

    Josh – The factory will not sell just the engine block that is why they are so hard to find. A long block or a complete engine is all that you can get, we will however remove the new cylinder heads from a long block and sell it as a short block. Anyone you find selling only the engine block is not selling you an OE part!

  11. Josh

    how much would you guys charge for just the block for this motor? very hard to find for a decent price

  12. PenAdmin

    Trey –

    With the correct internal engine components, turbo charger and increase in fuel delivery you can get about 300 horsepower out of the newer 6.5L diesels. This set up is great for the guy that does heavy towing with his vehicle, it is not a stop light to stop light race vehicle however.


  13. Trey

    is there anyway to get some compareable power out of the 6.5 to the newer motors?? I take it y’all would be the people to know

  14. Matt

    Berge –

    The aftercooler should add 10 to 12 hp especially in warm weather. It will also reduce engine temperatures 10 degrees.


  15. Børge Knudsen

    Do you have any experience with 6,5 td and adding a intercooler. would this do anything with the performance. i have a 1994 suburban, with 3,5″ exhaust,no catalysator, and marine injectors.
    Thinking of adding a performance chip(upgrading the ecm eprom) 40/80 hp.


  16. Matthew Jaques

    Please email over the price list for the Duramax engines and gearboxes.

  17. Matt

    Kyle –

    Yes, we do offer a P400 with 18:1 compression and has new pistons and rings. It adds $800 to the price of the engine.
    Rods, pistons, and rings are a balanced set.

  18. Kyle

    Do ya’ll make a p400 with 18 to 1 compresion for trucks? I want to run my hx35 at 15 or so pounds of boost.

  19. Bert


    Thanks for your question.

    I got some input on this from Matt this morning and this is what he said:

    If the truck has a standard ECM and injection pump it should be around 195-200 HP

    If the ECM and the pump have been calibrated the horsepower could be up to 250.

    It’s the ECM and the injection pump that determine the horsepower of the engine and not necessarily the turbo.

  20. Brock Cameron

    i bought a 98 sierra 2500 with your P400 long block in it. just woundering what the flywheel horsepower and torque with a GM-8 turbo would be on your motor ? thanks

  21. PenAdmin

    Rob –

    The P400 is designed to be a vehicle engine. A vehicle engine is operated at varying throttle/rmp for city/highway use and a marine engine is operated mostly at a wide open throttle/rpm. The difference is in the pistons. The P400 has 21:1 pistons and higher compression than a marine engine which has 18:1 pistons. If you convert a P400 engine to a marine application you won’t get the horsepower you think you’ll have and you’ll have a problem keeping the engine running cool enough.

    If you have any further questions, call us at 616.530.1298 or send e-mail to

    Thanks for your comment.

    Bert DeVries
    Peninsular Engines

  22. Dale

    Looking for a diesel alternative to my small block powered 1980 Chevy 3/4 ton 4X4. I want good power and better economy.


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