400TAS-310 Horsepower
Turbocharged Marine Diesel Engine
with Mercury Bravo Adaption package

The 400TAS rated at 310BHP comes with an adaption package to mate up to the Mercury Bravo® X Series Stern Drives. The engine’s size and its compatibility with stern drive units along with diesel fuel economy make this the informed consumer’s choice for re-powering boats.


Model: 400TAS-310
Engine Type: Four Cycle
Number of Cylinders: Eight
Bore and Stroke: 4.06″ x 3.82″
Displacement: 400cu.in. (6.554cc)
Fuel Pump: Stanadyne-Mechanical
Brake Horsepower: 310BHP at 3600 rpm
Peak Torque: 469 ft. lbs. at 2800 rpm

Dimensions (approx.):
Overall length: 37″
Transom to engine: 41.2″
Width: 29.25″
Height: 30.62″
Weight (dry): 1020lbs. –1,250lbs. with Bravo® Drive

4 thoughts on “400TAS-310

  1. PenAdmin

    Jorge –

    My translation isn’t completely accurate. Forgive me if I’m off the mark.

    The Peninsular 400/TA220 is a great replacement for the Mercruiser 200’s.
    Send an e-mail to Sales@PeninsularDiesel.com for pricing.

  2. Jorge mendes

    ola gostaria de saber que motores acomsalha para subestituir dois mercruser de 200hp gasolina para diesel com sterndrive

  3. PenAdmin

    Captain Dave,

    Thanks for your inquiry. We do have engines that will fit that boat. The models are either the 270 or the 310 hp. You may require one transmission change to provide the counter-rotation on the prop. I’ll follow up in the next couple of days via e-mail.

  4. Capt Dave

    I own a 286 mako boat with twin 350 mer i/o with Warn borger trans- strait shaft.What hp diesel engine would you recommend .Will your diesel motor convert to my transmission.
    Thanks Capt DAVE


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