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Peninsular Diesel, Inc. was started in the Detroit area, and became an engine distributor for GM.  In the next few years, the business expanded to the cities of Saginaw and SW Grand Rapids.

1963 -1984
Matt Koning  joins Peninsular Diesel in 1963 as a Sales Engineer responsible for selling GM/Detroit Diesel engines for tugboats, locomotives, fire trucks, generators, yachts, and semi-tractors.

1984 -1992
The 6.2L marine product line is established as a division of Peninsular Diesel.  Frank Andreae and Matt Koning begin to offer the 6.2L diesel engine in boats 23 feet and larger.

The 6.2L engine is replaced by the 6.5L diesel. Employees purchase Peninsular Engines division from Peninsular Diesel, Inc.

Matt Koning becomes sole owner and President of Peninsular Engines, Inc.  Operations are consolidated at one location.  

Peninsular and Exergy Engineering produce a marine prototype of the Duramax 6.6L engine and introduce it at the Miami International Boat Show. Peninsular Engines expands operations to include repower kits for military vehicles. 

Despite worldwide economic downturn, Peninsular Engines has adapted to offer engine technology for military application. The company has successfully supplied several units and engine parts for military contract providers.