400T – 220


400T – 220 Horsepower
Turbocharged Marine Diesel Engine

The 400T rated at 220BHP is designed for those who take boating seriously. In single or twin applications, this cruising model delivers engine endurance for those who rely on their engines to perform. The 400T has logged many successful hours of performance in motor yachts around the world and in your port of call.


Model: 400T-220
Engine Type: Four Cycle
Number of Cylinders: Eight
Bore and Stroke: 4.06″ x 3.82″
Displacement: 400cu.in. (6.554cc)
Fuel Pump: Stanadyne-Mechanical (DBA)
Brake Horsepower: 220BHP at 3600 rpm
Peak Torque: 389 ft. lbs. at 2700 rpm

Dimensions (approx.):

Overall length: 37″
Width: 29.4″
Height: 30.6″
Weight (dry): 1020 lbs.

2 thoughts on “400T – 220

  1. Bert

    Mr. Horiuchi

    You can purchase only the exhaust housing for the turbo on those engines.

    Please contact our dealer in Japan – Zephyr Trading Co. Ltd.
    Zushi, Zushi-Shi Kanagawa Japan. The phone number is 0468-73-3505.

    If you have any trouble reaching them, please let me know.

    Bert DeVries
    Peninsular Engines



    I have two engines of your company.

    Turbo has broken.

    Please teach the price, the size, and the transportation cost to Japan.

    ..page.. 41
    No 160 5E980 Turbocharger

    Can only the exhaust side of the turbo-charger be bought?

    because the part at the exit has corroded.

    Best regards,
    Masami Horiuchi


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