October 21, 2010

28-foot Bayliner Re-power Highlight!

This is a great story about one of our new customers. George Lotzer of Redondo Beach, California purchased a new Peninsular 310 turbo diesel engine to re-power his 28-foot Bayliner. The purchase was made in January of 2010 and the re-power was done by M&K Marine in Hawthorne, California.

George called us recently to tell us about the trip he and his wife took on the boat after the new engine was installed. They trailered the boat from Redondo Beach to Olympia, Washington and put in there. The trip took them north through Port Roberts, Vancouver City, Pender Harbor, and Princess Louisa Inlet, in British Columbia and back. They did 600 miles in 2 ½ weeks. (We’ve included a small Google map where Olympia is at the bottom of the map. Princess Louisa Inlet isn’t labeled but is at the extreme top of the map.)

George said the boat ran flawlessly. At the time of the re-power, George kept the Mercury Bravo II stern drive but did change to a different propeller at the advice of Matt at Peninsular. He said that the engine got between 2 and 2 ½ mpg on the trip with the boat weight between 9000 and 10,000 pounds with gear and fuel. George says he likes to cruise with the engine at around 2800 RPM. He was very happy with this performance given the currents in that area, especially on the northern inlets where he had to carefully play the tides to get through the narrows at Sechelt. George is very happy with his Peninsular Diesel and he figures he saved 35-40 % in fuel costs compared to his previous gas engine.

This performance and customer satisfaction is what we aim for every time we sell a Peninsular diesel engine and this level of customer satisfaction is common among our customers. Peninsular prides itself on a quality product and responsive customer service.

You can find a photo of George’s boat posted in the Photo Gallery on the website.

2 thoughts on “28-foot Bayliner Re-power Highlight!

  1. PenAdmin

    Chuck – we would be happy to supply you with advice and any parts you may need. Your trip(s) sounds like a good time and lots of fun with many sights to see.

  2. chuck reed

    I have just bought a 28′ bayliner and am installing a used 6.2 due to my very tight budget. I do plan on looking to pennisula for needed parts and expertise.the trip i plan is considerably further, i plan on running “the loop” from tampa bay to keys to chesapeke into great lakes to mississippi and back to west coast of fl. I then plan to spend a year in the carribean and back although i will have to run hull speed rather then run on a plane to save enough fuel to be able to make the carribean run work out with amount of fuel i carry… I will keep this site posted on my trip.


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