October 1, 2010

Swinger Motor Home Re-Powers – UPDATED

For the road warriors among us, Peninsular Engines has re-powered many motor homes.

Our expertise covers many manufacturers and models including Trek, Safari/Monaco and “Georgie Boy” Swingers.  In fact, as this post is being written, we have a Swinger similar to the one pictured here in the shop receiving a new Peninsular P-400 6.5 L turbo diesel.   The AM General P-400 is a great engine for this application because it has the girdle kit and a forged steel crankshaft.

The Swinger is a motor home that we have become experts in.  There are a number of tricky steps to getting the engine in and out of this coach and we’ve perfected the process to the point where we can get the job done in a few days.  Like anything, if you do it enough you get really good at it.  People now drive their motor homes to us, rent a hotel for a few days, and drive their newly powered bus back home again.

  • Here are a few of the things that need to be done when re-powering your P-30 chassis coach:

    The oil pan needs to be modified to clear the front cross member
    The exhaust pipe donuts need to be replaced
    Inspect and replace engine mounts if necessary
    Having the engine out is a great time to replace all belts and hoses
    If the coach has mileage more than 150,000 the radiator needs to be inspected and flushed while its out

  • Also consider the following at the time of the re-power:

    Oil cooler and lines may need to be updated for more efficiency
    Air cleaner should be updated from the flat panel cleaner to the Donaldson Power Core PC

  • We also recommend the following components for your new P400 (available from Peninsular Engines)

    New rear turbo assembly with exhaust headers and riser. *
    Upgrade to 130 GPM engine water pump
    Dual thermostat crossover
    New vacuum pump

  • * The combination of the rear turbo assembly, headers, and riser provides and engine that breathes much better than the side turbo arrangement. The direct benefit of the rear turbo arrangement is unrestricted exhaust flow, lower engine temperatures, and increased fuel economy.

    Whether you’re driving a Swinger, a Safari, or any other motor home and you’re looking for more power and greater fuel efficiency, give us a call and talk to Matt Koning.  We’ll get keep your RV on the road and keep your adventures coming!

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